Thursday, March 19, 2015

The New Bakery

Hooray!  We did it!  Well, the new bakery is finally up and running and I have finally had two seconds to sit and think about something other than the bakery like blogging about the bakery, hahaha!

I can officially, without doubt, state that this past month has been the absolute hardest month of my life.  Harder than the first month after giving birth to Lawson, harder than the first month of being pregnant, harder than anything I have ever been through.  Not only did Prescott and I build a brand new bakery from an old Sears building (see original images below), but we did it with the flu and when I mean we, I mean BOTH Lawson and I.  

Now any mother who has had a sick child or been sick herself or worse both at the same time, knows how difficult that can be, but throw moving an entire bakery from one space to the next on the busiest weekend of the year for us (Valentine's Day) and you have... the ultimate recipe for the hardest week/month of your life.  

Thank the Lord I have an amazing husband and family/friends that really stepped up to the plate and made everything happen, I would not have been able to do what we did without them.

Now I have to say things have definitely gotten easier since that week but the new bakery comes with its whole set of new issues (and bills!) as well.  To top it all off our head cake decorator quit with virtually no notice and we have tripled our business in the matter of less than a month, so I've been playing catch up to get enough talented hands on deck.

Thankfully, we have come out better for everything on the other side and I truly think that all the newness will bring a fresh breath of air to our newly rebranded company (great job babe! Obsessed with the new logo).  

Okay, I know this is kind of the abbreviated version of what has been going on lately, but it is all I can muster up at this hour before bedtime.  So I shall hit the sack and let you browse through our journey below of building our dream.  

Couldn't be more thankful for all of my husband's support on this, it was definitely a dual effort that took everything we both had to make this happen! So happy and grateful.