Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lawson at 15 Months!

Our busy boy just keeps on growing (and eating)!  I mean this boy can eat.  It's crazy.  Prescott and I literally think he eats more than we do, but he also doesn't stop moving, so it makes sense.  Something has to fuel that busy, growing boy!  

Today was an exciting day, he got his first molar.  Total surprise!  He was acting a bit fussier than usual and next thing I knew, there was a big old molar popping out of his gums.  I couldn't believe it! I have lots of these first time mom moments, I think.  Where he will do something new, something as small as go to the bathroom door when we ask if he is ready to brush his teeth or learn how to climb onto the couch for the first time by himself, and I will be in utter shock and disbelief that our 15 month old son just did that.  

Lawson is constantly surprising me every day with something new. He gets smarter and funnier with each passing moment.  I have to say these past few months have definitely been a totally different experience than being the mother of a newborn.  They say parenting is the hardest yet most rewarding job and I can definitely say I could relate more to the "hardest" part than "rewarding" part during that first year.  You are giving so much of yourself to this new little creature that you really haven't had enough time to fully get to know each other yet and it is darn right stressful and well HARD. But, after that year hump, you start to really start to get a glimpse at that rewarding side of things :)

Like when your son learns how to give you his first kiss or runs up to you and hugs you or starts to cuddle with you and not for milk but because he loves you and wants to show you that.  That is when it becomes more rewarding and you start to think to yourself, ah, this is more like what I thought parenting was going to be like.  Now let's not take this too far, it is still a super tough job and Lawson continues to be a huge handful, but for me it has become increasingly easier and more enjoyable.  

Everyone's experience is different, some people love that infant baby stage, but I definitely love this toddler stage where our son is becoming more and more like a true person than a newborn baby.  I can't wait to see what the next few months have in store :)