Sunday, August 4, 2013

10 weeks - Making the glider!

Here I am at 10 weeks.  New symptoms are much more nausea and serious food cravings.  My top two cravings so far have been McDonald's bacon, egg and cheese biscuits (healthy, right!) and Subway veggie subs with LOTS of banana peppers... so weird!

The new project we took on for the nursery was to make our own glider and it was way easier than it sounds.  Those things were so expensive, so I got this chair at Ikea for $199 and then bought the glider attachment from the link below for $89 and tada a brand new reasonably priced glider that totally fits the look of our nursery.

Click on the Honey and Fitz blog link for detailed directions, that's what we followed :)

Take off the removable material covering the bottom of the chair

Drill in a custom cut piece of thick plywood to the bottom of the wood of the chair

drill in the glider attachment to the center of the plywood

Winston watched daddy put it together :)

Finished look and it rocks perfectly!