Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lawson's First Halloween!

We have already had such a nice first Fall together as a family of three!  Lawson is at an awesome age right now (almost 9 months).  His personality is at an all time high and he loves to roar like a lion ever since he has found his voice.  

One thing that hasn't changed is Lawson's aggressive nature.  He is definitely going to be one active boy once he figures out how to walk.  It is like his mind is going full speed and mama is going to be in trouble when his body catches up!  

Lawson is really into two things right now: standing and playing.  He actually (finally) entertains himself for decent lengths of time in his playpen, where he will just play with his toys with great intent. Prescott and I were talking about how much Lawson has really grown into himself over the past few weeks and just keeps getting smarter and smarter.  He is so curious and aware of everything. 

His favorite things to do are to GO, whether it be in the car, in his stroller or in someone's arms, he just loves to be on the go and see new things.  His least favorite things to do are to NOT go, be it take a nap, lay or sit.  He also isn't a huge fan of sleeping for longer than 30 minutes to an hour, especially at night, haha!  

Here are some fun photos of our visit to the pumpkin patch and of Lawson dressed up as Peyton Manning for his first Halloween :)