Thursday, July 23, 2015

Family Vacation and New House News!

Well our family vacation was a hit!  Lawson did fantastic and had an absolute blast in Mexico and mommy and daddy finally got to catch up on some much needed rest from our crazy busy everyday schedule while the grandparents looked after the wild Lawdog.  

I honestly don't know where my mom found all the energy to go to the pool with that little toddler everyday.  I think she must have gone done that water slide 1,000 times with him!  He didn't stop the whole time we were there, unless he was napping on the lazy river, which was hilarious.  

I think we have decided the only way we can go on vacation is if one of our sets of grandparents goes with, that is key!  Cause let's be honest, vacation with a toddler without some type of reliable babysitters, ain't a vacation, that's just more of what we do on a daily basis.  Seriously, my vacation consisted of laying in bed in our air-conditioned hotel room and then going out to dinner. 

It. Was. Amazing.

Now onto reality back in LA.  We bought a house.  Yes, I know we were supposed to slow down and not have another project, but it just kind of happened.  Lawson needed a backyard, the houses in our current neighborhood were selling for ridiculously more than we bought them for and we found the perfect lot of only like 5 lots left in the neighborhood that we (okay, that I) had been eyeing for over the past 2 years :/  So, we bought a house... and we are sooo excited!

Take a look at some of the photos during construction, its crazy to see how far it has come in the past couple of months.  I can't believe in just ONE month, we are going to be living in that beautiful thing.  I will keep you posted on the progress as we start to get closer to moving day :)

Lawson with "Grandmother" (so formal, mom!)

Lawson with Grandaddy Craig

Lawson moving boulders in our backyard

view from the backyard

and so it begins

stucco going up

cool rock wall and roof going on

getting the yard prepped

driveway going in

our living room

our kitchen (but we are changing the cabinets to white!)

Lawson checking out the place

hallway for days

Lawson checking out our enclosed patio

Lawson getting ready to get into trouble

Lawson getting into trouble

daddy testing out the soaker tub that he can actually fit into, hooray!