Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lawson at 18 months, Half Baked 5 year anniversary and new house updates!

Well this past month has truly flown by!  It has been yet another busy time for us with the combination of the bakery turning FIVE, Lawson turning a YEAR AND A HALF, Prescott turning another year older and the new house being born.  Whew, I'm exhausted just writing that!  

We were so busy that I feel like I could only half way plan/celebrate all of these events :/ All I could muster up for Half Baked's five year anniversary was a special deal that actually got us a good amount of traffic but of course it was on a day that we had a ton of weddings and other events that it was probably more stressful than anything else. But, Prescott and Lawson helped celebrate by bringing us some awesome balloons :)  Then I barely remembered Lawson's 18 month milestone and for Prescott's birthday, we just had some friends join us for a fun birthday dinner.  So nothing over the top or spectacular but still nonetheless special and meaningful. 

Lawson's new favorite things to do are cuddle, read books, try on shoes (be it his own or mommy or daddy's), play at the park, kick the soccer ball, hit the baseball and play golf with his little toy golf clubs.  He is really starting to talk a lot, some actual words but definitely lots of baby words.  He likes to speak spanish, his favorite word in spanish is dos and his favorite word in english right now is juice. Lawson has learned how to nod yes and no and really understands most everything we say, especially if it is words he likes, like park, icecream or outside.  

His favorite place to go is to the new house and he starts screaming as soon as we turn into the neighborhood.  I can't blame him, I get excited to.  Sometimes, when there are so many stresses at the bakery and at home, it is easy to get bogged down, but then when we go to the new house it is a sign of why we work so hard and the one good thing/reward we have for just our little family of three to enjoy (and all of our family and friends too!).

I am looking forward to getting this move over with next week and starting our life at the new house.  Hopefully filled with less stress and more fun :)  We are going to make lots of great memories in this house and I can't wait for it to all begin!

Lawson got into mama's chocolate!

Hugging my new range OMG

True chef kitchen!!!

Countertops and cabinet color will be changing as soon as we get keys!!!

Pre wood floor installation

This master closet could seriously pass as a bedroom