Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving and decorating the tree!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving, despite the fact that neither Prescott nor I seemed to have the ability to disconnect from life in LA, but we still managed to have at least one day of real relaxation on Thanksgiving itself, so that's good for something, right!?!?  

Anyway, I will be brief, we had a great time getting to visit family and Lawson always loves traveling so it was all around a good trip back east :)  We already started decorating for Christmas and I can't wait to celebrate in our new home.  

Here are some sweet photos from over the past month.  Lawson is saying so many words now, it is really cute.  His favorite words continue to be "no" and "tractor."   He specifically likes to say no multiple times in a row as he waves his finger at you, not sure where he got that from, haha.  He is also super into puppies these days, but we aren't going to be getting any ideas from that!  His favorite things to do now are to "bake" (naturally), play with his toys (including his very own leap pad aka life saver), clean the house, read books and take baths while trying to squirt mommy and daddy with his hermit crab.