Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lawson at 9 Months!

Here are the photos from Lawson's 9 month photoshoot!  We took them in our hometown this time by one of the nearby lakes and it was a perfect backdrop.

He is crawling now, pulling himself up on things and standing with help.  It is a whole nother ballgame.  We are working on baby proofing the house this weekend!  I have also finally moved Lawson to his crib and he has slept through the night twice. He sleeps a lot better now, much more sound.  His favorite things to do are ride in the car, go on a stroll, eat pieces of real food (like pizza and cupcakes!), travel, play with his toys and drink juice out of his sippy cup.  Still nursing, but a lot less than before.

Lawson still comes to the bakery with me about twice a week and loves to watch the construction going on next door for the new bakery.  I don't know how Prescott and I are doing and juggling all the different things that we are, but we are doing it.  I am promising to slow down after the bakery is done, no more babies, bakeries or projects for a while!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lawson's First Halloween!

We have already had such a nice first Fall together as a family of three!  Lawson is at an awesome age right now (almost 9 months).  His personality is at an all time high and he loves to roar like a lion ever since he has found his voice.  

One thing that hasn't changed is Lawson's aggressive nature.  He is definitely going to be one active boy once he figures out how to walk.  It is like his mind is going full speed and mama is going to be in trouble when his body catches up!  

Lawson is really into two things right now: standing and playing.  He actually (finally) entertains himself for decent lengths of time in his playpen, where he will just play with his toys with great intent. Prescott and I were talking about how much Lawson has really grown into himself over the past few weeks and just keeps getting smarter and smarter.  He is so curious and aware of everything. 

His favorite things to do are to GO, whether it be in the car, in his stroller or in someone's arms, he just loves to be on the go and see new things.  His least favorite things to do are to NOT go, be it take a nap, lay or sit.  He also isn't a huge fan of sleeping for longer than 30 minutes to an hour, especially at night, haha!  

Here are some fun photos of our visit to the pumpkin patch and of Lawson dressed up as Peyton Manning for his first Halloween :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lawson at 8 Months!

Okay, he somehow got even cuter and now has 2 little bottom teeth poking through!  Lawson is still growing like a weed and loves to eat.  Prescott and I recently discovered these organic baby food pouches at Sprouts and Lawson loves to chug them down in 2 seconds like it was just a snack.  

His favorite things to do now are stand, not sit and definitely not lay, squeal, laugh, play peekaboo with daddy, go on walks sitting up in his stroller and play with his toys in his playpen.  He still loves, peaches, avocados and now pears, especially when I mash them up so he can chew it a little instead of it being fully pureed :)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lawson at 7 Months!

Well, he couldn't get much cuter!  I'm loving this new stage of giggling and cooing.  Lawson has such a personality if you can't tell from these photos.  Our healthy boy is currently 21 pounds and 28" long :)  He is fitting more into 9-12 months and 12 month clothes!

He can now fully sit and play on his own in his play pen which he loves because I have it loaded to the gills with toys and mommy loves because she can get some work done.  His new favorite thing to do is to play with paper, any kind of paper, paper towels, newspaper, mommy's magazine papers.  Basically anything that makes cool noise when you crumple it, he thinks is the greatest thing ever. 

He has also started to stand with help and yesterday when we were getting his passport actually pulled himself up on one of the waiting chairs all by himself - nothing like the USPS waiting room for such a milestone memory, haha!  He hasn't started to crawl yet and honestly shows no interest in it at all, he just wants to stand and walk, so I'm thinking he might be one of those babies that skips crawling altogether and goes straight to walking, but we shall see.  I still need to get prepared for either!!! 

Lawson's favorite foods right now are peaches, yogurt and oatmeal, he also likes pumpkin as long as it is paired with one of those other foods.  We have finally caught up with the bakery schedule now and things are going better with that, so that's good.  We look forward to our weekends when we get to try to relax and spend family time together with daddy and watch lots of football!  Getting excited for it to cool down and start feeling like fall, I've already been making pumpkin everything, I need to blog some of those recipes next :)

Here are some photos of Lawson from over the past month...

All dressed up to go to work at the bakery 

Lawson standing by himself

Getting into mommy's magazines

Smile!  Passport photos

That face

Playing in his ball pen with all his toys

He loves sitting on mommy and daddy's bed

Posing for the camera

So serious in his walker

Happy boy!

Enjoying mommy's green smoothie

Zoo trip

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lawson's 6 month photos

Well, life has officially gotten so busy that I have literally not had two seconds to focus on ANYTHING other than Lawson and the bakery!  

Half Baked has been the busiest its ever been and Lawson has been quite a handful as well.  I am doing my best to keep up with both and have to admit it has been pretty hard.  Anyhow, the important part is that both Lawson and the bakery are doing well.  I have a thriving business, supportive husband, healthy son and one exhausted self!  

So, without further ado I will now share our 6 month photos that everyone has been dying to see and then I must get back to returning the 539,836,942 Half Baked emails while holding my teething son and trying not to fall asleep while standing up.

One Tired Mama