Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lawson's 6 month photos

Well, life has officially gotten so busy that I have literally not had two seconds to focus on ANYTHING other than Lawson and the bakery!  

Half Baked has been the busiest its ever been and Lawson has been quite a handful as well.  I am doing my best to keep up with both and have to admit it has been pretty hard.  Anyhow, the important part is that both Lawson and the bakery are doing well.  I have a thriving business, supportive husband, healthy son and one exhausted self!  

So, without further ado I will now share our 6 month photos that everyone has been dying to see and then I must get back to returning the 539,836,942 Half Baked emails while holding my teething son and trying not to fall asleep while standing up.

One Tired Mama

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