Monday, April 23, 2012

Island Stir Fry with a Teriyaki Peanut Sauce

Well, tomorrow is the big day... SURGERY TIME!!!  I am excited to finally get this thing out of me and will probably be MIA for next week, sorry!  But as soon as I feel up to it, I will be sure to update y'all on the whole process.  I really have a good feeling about everything and am keeping a positive outlook.  Maybe it is just my rekindled faith that has comforted me so much, but I truly feel that God has bigger plans for me and that this is just a struggle placed in Prescott and my life to help us grow stronger and to make us more appreciative.  

So, needless to say, I probably won't be cooking for a while, but this is one recipe that Prescott wanted me to show him how to make so that he could cook it for me while I was recovering... I am sooo sooo blessed to have him and my mom here during this whole procedure.  Therefore, this recipe is relatively quick and easy to make :)

Hope y'all enjoy it and I can't wait to get back to a normal, healthy, cyst-free and tumor-free life full of healthy recipes, fun house projects and relaxing vacations to share with you!

What you need:
all natural chicken breast meat (diced into chunks)
sugar snap peas
chopped broccoli heads
red pepper (cut into strips) 
diced pineapple (into same size as chicken)
2 tablespoons of peanut butter (all natural, no stir)
1/2 a bottle of your favorite teriyaki sauce (I like TJ's Island Soyaki!)
chopped peanuts or cashews

cook the chicken in a little canola oil

par boil your broccoli (1-2 min), we through in some carrots and cauli, too, but it is just as yummy without

throw the drained broccoli, red pepper strips, sugar snap peas and diced pineapple into the pan with the chicken. saute.

pour your sauce and peanut butter into the pan and continue to cook on high until veggies are tender but still crisp.

put your cooked white or brown rice in your individual bowls

top the rice with your stir fry and chopped peanuts

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