Saturday, March 1, 2014

40 Weeks!

Well, my wish came true and my 40 week photo is of me with baby in arms :)  Lawson is 3 weeks today, hard to believe!  He is doing great, such a little stud.  I am doing pretty great, lol, almost fully recovered.  I think another week and I will be back to normal, but I have to admit, the recovery is almost worse than the birth!  At least with the birth it doesn't last a whole month AND you get to have major pain relief with the epi, but once your home, those ibuprofen pills they give you just don't seem to do the trick.  

My past few weeks have been wonderful getting to know my baby and hold him and nurse him, but they have also been very painful and chock full of burning, itching, sweating, crying and all that fun postpartum stuff.  I am really looking forward to getting back to normal and being able to get into a real routine with Lawson.  We are getting there, just in baby steps ;)  In fact yesterday we walked the loop twice (each day, I have tried to walk a little further from home, but it is scary with a newborn... what if he cries, what if he gets hungry, what if he has an explosion down below, what will I do???  But I have slowly come to realize that he will survive and we will manage.  Now, if I can just get out of the house with him and stroll around Target with a frappuccino in hand, that is my next goal.  I'm hoping it will be a successful adventure.  

I will keep you posted, in the meantime, here are some snapshots from our first few weeks at home with our newborn :)

Uh oh, daddy fell asleep with me... can you tell we are tired?!?!

All dressed up for mommy's birthday :)

I sleep on my strolls (let's keep it that way!)

The cutest little baby feet I ever did see.

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