Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Vancouver Trip #2 and Mom's Visit

We had another great trip to Vancouver!  Daddy got lots of work done and Lawson and I did more exploring :)  We stayed in North Vancouver this time, at a super budget friendly hotel that happened to be inside one of the markets/malls on the water and had a blast checking out the new area.  Lawson and I got to walk around all of the shops and restaurants while daddy was out for all of his meetings and then we all got to test out some new restaurants together for dinner :)  Then on Saturday we went to the aquarium, which was incredible!  You can see from some of the photos below how amazing it was.  

Mom also came out for a visit to our house and we got to go hiking and see the animals at the petting zoo at the bottom of one of the trails, which was really cool.  Lawson even got to feed a baby dear out of his little hand :)  It has been a really nice past month.  Lawson continues to talk more and more, full on phrases and sentences now, which is surreal but also super neat.  He has really become a world traveler and constantly asks to go on a "plane trip" and packs his suitcase and backpack on a biweekly basis, hahaha!  

Here are some fun photos from mom's visit as well as our trip to Vancouver :)

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