Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Bake Nutella Cheesecake

Inspiration: Pinterest (those of you who have not joined - do so!)
It is a ridiculously fun, inspirational and addicting website.

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Recipe: Made as listed above, but altered a few things (being a chef, I tend to do this to recipes 99.99999% of the time)

1. I put them in 4 separate mini trifle dishes 

2. For the topping I made one of my mama's famous trifle layers (equal parts fat-free whipped cream topping and softened reduced-fat cream cheese, I do THAT to recipes 100% of the time, and then fold in enough sifted powdered sugar to make it as sweet or unsweet as you like.  Top it with that, not just cool whip!

3. I garnished it with crumbled reduced fat oreos (already had them, its just as yummy and less expensive!)

Review:  Wow!  Sooo rich and creamy, yet light and easy.  I am going to do it again with peanut butter in place of nutella and with crushed reeses on top... pb and nutella are my week spots!  

OR you could even do graham cracker crumbs in place of oreos for the crust, eliminate the nutella and add fresh fruit to the top. Whala, no bake individual berry cheesecakes.  

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  1. this looks amazing!! i am definitely going to try this :)
    - Genevieve