Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Game Day App & Drink ideas

Well, the Broncos have continued to provide us with some high quality game time and we had to have drinks and apps that lived up to their standards.  The spiked ciders were a real hit with the ladies and the pizza rolls and wing cups were a definite touchdown with the guys!  I would have to say we had an overall victorious Sunday :)

Spiked Cider!
(serve cold OR hot)
one shot of spiced rum
6oz. apple cider

Pizza Rolls with Marinara Dipping Sauce

unroll wholewheat low-fat premade Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
and put 3 pepperoni slices on the larger end of each roll

Place half a stick of low-fat mozzarella string cheese on top of the pepperonis

Roll up the crescents and bake according to the Pillsbury package directions

Wing Cups

Fill the bottom part of each small glass with your choice of yogurt ranch or reduced fat blue cheese
and then place 2 hot wings into each dip filled glass

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