Sunday, January 6, 2013

Easy DIY Year Round Wreath

I had been looking to make a wreath to keep up for all of the months in between the major holidays and decided on this design.  I absolutely LOVE our new year round wreath!  Plus, it was super inexpensive and easy to make.  

In fact, I didn't have my glue gun handy so I was able to put everything on with safety pins, which surprisingly worked.  I think you would have to use a glue gun if your letter didn't have a staple in the back of it, like mine did, in which I could slide the safety pin through and attach to one of the wood twigs after a few adjustments to make sure it was centered and level.

Since our last name is Van Buskirk, I always keep the ending of our monogram with both letters.  However, this wreath would look equally as pretty with a single larger letter, which they have different styles and sized letters to choose from at Michael's.  You could also make this more custom by spray painting the letter gold or a slate blue and by changing the flowers to hydrangeas or daisys :)

Get creative, have fun and share your wreath designs!

Easy DIY Year Round Wreath

Items needed (all items can be found at Michael's and JoAnn's):
- twig wreath 
- roll of burlap
- letter(s) of choice
- faux flowers of choice

1. wrap wreath in burlap, sticking the beginning and ending pieces behind the next burlap loop in the back of the wreath
2. either hot glue gun or safety pin the 3 flowers in middle left side of the wreath.
3. either glue or pin one larger size letter or two smaller size letters to the lower left corner of the wreath


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