Friday, April 4, 2014

Lawson's first vacation!

I still can't believe we did this but we decided to take Lawson on a little road trip to Big Bear Lake and to my surprise, he was a true champ the entire time!  I couldn't believe how good he did.  Not only did he sleep the whole way, but he slept a majority of the time we were at the cabin and on the boat, yes I took our 1 1/2 month old baby on a pontoon ride.  Thankfully we had a good captain :)  

Trust me, this is not the norm for little Lawson!  We are thinking maybe the altitude made him so sleepy because he normally doesn't sleep much during the day besides maybe a couple 20-60 minute naps, if we're lucky.  However, he does tend to sleep during the night in between feedings, which is great :)

All in all, it was an awesome trip filled with much needed rest and relaxation.  Here are a few photos from it.  Uncle Marshall and "Auntie" Amber along with a couple other friends came too, which made even more fun!

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