Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vegas Baby!

Well, Vegas was... eye opening and maybe not in the way you would expect Vegas to be.  While it was fun and we did have a great time, it also taught Prescott and I a lot about what is most important to us and that is our time spent with Lawson.  I think we discovered that you really aren't meant to be away from your baby.  Although many people will try to push you to go out and leave the baby at home with a sitter or family member, for some parents (like us) that is simply not enjoyable.

If there is one thing I have learned about being a good mom, it is to do what feels natural and leaving my baby at home with someone else most certainly does not feel natural.  I think I would die if I had to go to work and leave Lawson everyday. Now I know how those mom's might feel that have to do that.  While enjoying some alone time and having a taste of independent freedom feels good for an hour or so, once a little time passes I miss my son and just want to be with him again.  

I'm sure once he gets a bit older (like over a year!), I will feel a little better about leaving him, but for now it just isn't going to happen, so don't ask!  Not to mention, I can't really leave Lawson at this point anyway because he won't take a bottle?!?!  We left him with my brother to go out to dinner in Vegas and while he did okay for about an hour, he then got really upset and I came running back to the room from one Vegas hotel to the other.  It's not like I was enjoying dinner anyway, I sat there the whole time worrying about Lawson.  The best part of dinner was getting the text from my brother that he wouldn't take the bottle and was really upset so that I could just stop worrying and go be with my baby.  I've never run so fast in heels in my life, I was like, move people, I've got a crying baby to get back to!  

However, this actually worked quite well because once I got to the room, I nursed Lawson (who was practically hyperventilating from crying so hard) until he calmed down and fell right asleep from all the activity earlier that day.  I knew then that he was out and felt much better about leaving him with Marshall because I could just tell that he was going to sleep for a while, so I threw on some flip flops put my heels in my purse and walked back to the restaurant just as the food arrived.  Then I could enjoy myself.  It is amazing how well I know my baby because he slept until 1:30am while we got to go out to one of the clubs in our hotel, which was perfect since I could just take the elevator upstairs once he woke up.

So, all in all, it was a successful trip, we had fun, but would I take my baby back to Vegas or leave him with somebody else again?  Probably not.  I got my one night of dressing up and dancing in and that was enough to last me for at least another year.  I much rather be sitting at home in my yoga pants with my baby in my arms and my husband lounging next to me.  Therefore, that is exactly what we are doing today for Father's Day, just relaxing and enjoying family time together :)  Hope all of you are having a great Sunday and Happy Father's Day, too.

Here are some photos from the trip and some of my favorite recent shots of Lawson, he just keeps growing!

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