Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Baby Food Recipes!

Now that Lawson is closer to 6 months, I am excited to be able to introduce him to more foods and fun flavor combos!  His latest faves have been fresh peach oatmeal and avocado greek yogurt.  They are both super easy to make and really yummy, sometimes mommy gets to finish the last couple of bites ;)  Here are the recipes for your hungry little eater...

Fresh Peach Oatmeal

For the oatmeal cereal, you don't even have to buy it!  Just make it yourself by pulsing a bunch of rolled oats until they are finely ground and then throw them in a baggie or mason jar to use at your convenience.

For the peaches, you want to buy fresh and now is the time because they are perfectly in season.  Make sure they are ripe but not too soft or bruised.  Peel the peach (since peaches are part of the dirty dozen and you don't want any pesticides going to your little one) and then add diced peaches to a bowl of hot water (you could also boil them but I like to take short cuts, so I just microwaved purified water until hot).  
Let them sit in the hot water for 5 minutes or so and then take them out and pulse in blender until smooth, adding the reserved hot water as needed (you won't need much water especially if the peaches are juicy).

Then combine your peach puree with the ground oatmeal and add water if needed until you have reached the consistency you like for your baby.

Avocado Greek Yogurt

This one is really easy peasy!  Cut open a ripe avocado and put half of it in baby bullet or blender of choice, make sure to taste it first to make sure its good as sometimes avocados can look good but taste funny.  
Then add a spoonful of pure greek yogurt, they say not to use nonfat so I used 2% or you could use full fat, honestly whichever one you would eat or have around the house is what I would do, hence the 2%.
Then pulse, adding a little purified water if needed.  This is super healthy for your growing baby, full of omega 3's and protein :)  

Lawson loved it, although you can't really tell by his face because he was getting serious about the delay of me giving him his next bite, as mommy was taking too long because she was taking more photos, hahaha!  Oh Lawson, I love you, my little healthy eater :)

Then that's it!  The avocado you want to make fresh daily and the peach oatmeal you can combine and store 3 separate servings for up to 3 days.  Hope your baby enjoys these as much as mine does!

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