Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lawson's first Thanksgiving at 10 months

Lawson had a lot of firsts in November!  His first plane flight, first Thanksgiving and first snow.  It was a total whirlwind, he made the rounds from one grandma to the next, but he truly loved every minute of it.  We have come to the realization that our little guy is an explorer and loves to travel as much as his mommy and daddy :)  

Lawson also had his first experience with doggies and has been obsessed with them ever since.  Every time he sees a dog now, he gets so excited and starts squealing, it is adorable.  His favorite things on this trip were walking around the edges of his playpen, riding in the car, playing with the dogs and sitting in his highchair.  

He did awesome on the plane flight and learned a ton from traveling, seriously when he got home he was a totally different baby.  So much smarter.  He literally started crawling the night we got home and has been on the go ever since.  

Christmas photos to come soon.  I am a little behind, life has been beyond busy for Prescott and I with Lawson, his job, the bakery and the holidays!

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