Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lawson at 11 Months!

All this bakery construction has finally tired Lawson out (yeah right, in my dreams).  Well at least he sleeps in the car on the way to and from the bakery!  One thing is for sure though, it has definitely tired mommy and daddy out.  

But in all honesty, Lawson has done really great with all the things going on with BOTH bakeries.  He likes meeting the other babies that come in for consultations with their mommies and likes getting the attention from their mommies even more, haha, already into the older ladies.  Lawson pretty much has all the girls at the bakery tied around his buttercreamed little fingers, lucky guy.

He also enjoys walking around the new space with daddy.  It makes him feel very important.

His new favorite things to do are cruse around the furniture at high speeds and one handed at times  (which makes mommy very nervous), not fall asleep until midnight on occasion, so that he can stay up and play with daddy longer, and make huge messes every time he eats, so that mommy can constantly sweep the floor at least 3 times a day without it ever looking like she swept the floor once by the time daddy gets home.

Although I have to say this part of the crawling stage is definitely easier than the beginning part because now he can balance himself a little better and we have also baby proofed more, so that we don't have to constantly worry or be following behind his every move.  In fact, we broke down and turned our once trendy loft into a legit baby playroom that is surrounded with pillows so that we can just let him go to town and enjoy a little time to relax do laundry, return bakery emails and plan somebody's first birthday!

It is truly hard to believe that in less than a month our little guy is going to be ONE.  I want to invite everyone and their mother, I'm so excited about it.  I mean this is a huge ordeal, people.  We made it through a whole year of parenthood and have a real live baby to prove it.  We did it, woohoo for us!  I feel like this is just such an accomplishment, even if he did fall down the stairs, off the bed, into walls and onto floors, he made it through and we made it through and I'm praying it only gets easier from here, right?

We can always hope.  Either way, I love you Lawson and I love you Prescott.  You boys are my World and I wouldn't know what to do without you two.  And with that, I shall go to sleep and hope again that my son sleeps for at least the next 10 more minutes, so that I can just feel the space in my bed without anybody else in it for a second!

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