Thursday, April 30, 2015

Big Changes!

This past month has been full of BIG changes both at home and at the bakery!  It is truly amazing how quickly children change, even in just the matter of a month, they can grow so much.  Lawson has stopped nursing (by choice) and is sleeping through the night now (also by choice)?!?!  And not only has Lawson changed a ton recently but so has the bakery.  We now have a totally new staff!  Like I said, big changes!!!

I have to say I am loving our new staff!  It was quite the feat finding the right team for Half Baked but now that I have found them and they are all up to speed, it is amazing.  I'm not going to lie, it was quite a difficult period there when I had triple the amount of business and triple less the staff and basically just myself, Prescott and my one trooper who has stayed with Half Baked the longest out of anyone, but now that we have found the right people who are excited and eager to be a part of such an awesome family run bakery, it is a huge relief and change for the better.

Such positivity and freshness for our brand new space and I'm loving it.  Every day I go in, everyone is genuinely happy to be there and loves working at Half Baked.  It is a great to feel appreciated and to have a group that truly cares.  The one girl who has stuck with me the longest has really stepped up to the plate and made me so proud of her.  I'm thankful for her loyalty and beyond impressed at how she rose to the occasion :)

Then Lawson has blown me away with his independence and maturity.  He has decided all on his own that he is done nursing and literally sleeps through the night every night now!  I have been waiting to be able to say this for the past 15 months and now it has finally happened (and naturally, I might add!).  For all the new moms out there who are wondering when their baby will sleep through the night or if they will ever stop nursing, stick with it and don't give up.  I didn't have to wean Lawson or force him to stop nursing and I didn't have to teach him to sleep on his own by crying it out or sleep training him, he just did it on his own when he was ready.

He slowly stopped nursing during the day due to his infatuation with his sippy cup and went to just nursing at night when he would wake up but then he started sleeping through the night and hasn't nursed for a week now!  Instead of wanting to nurse when he wakes up in the morning now, he wants to just come into our room and snuggle in bed for an extra hour or so until daddy wakes up to go to work.  Oh and thats the other new thing that he likes to do, give hugs, kisses and cuddle. I'm telling you, big changes here!

I hope that everything keeps going in such a positive direction and that mommy can catch a break now!  Until next month's update, here are some more recent photos of our little (or big) guy ;)

Oh and Lawson also learned this new trick :/

Lawson's first haircut 

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