Monday, April 6, 2015

Lawson's year in review

These past few months Lawson has really changed a lot!  He is an expert walker and loves to do everything himself now (hallelujah!).  He no longer likes being held (except on occasion) but instead likes to get down and walk around so that he can get into everything all by himself!  However, I think P and I have done a really nice job of baby proofing so that he can pretty much roam around as he pleases and we don't have to worry about him getting into anything bad.  Our house has turned into a true home filled with toy baskets, high chairs, sippy cups and diapers.  We are officially parents of, not a baby anymore, but a toddler!

Lawson has really made the transition and tonight was the night that it hit me... he fell asleep on the floor watching the basketball game with daddy.  He didn't have to be nursed, strolled or driven, he just grabbed his blanket and plopped down on the floor and closed his eyes.  I could not believe it!  He is such an independent, driven and decisive little guy.  Once he puts his mind to something, there is no stopping him.  It is so amazing to look back and see how much he has grown and how much he has changed over the course of 14 months.  I mean, this once 5 pound little baby is now a 25 pound big boy.

He says mama, dada, yes, no, hi, bye.  He waves to everyone (and I melt every time).  He babbles, dances and has 8 teeth.  How did this happen, when did this happen?!?  It is truly amazing.  I love my little guy more and more with every new phase and definitely love these later phases much more than the harder earlier phases.  For me, it has definitely gotten easier.  Newborns and babies are tough!  Lawson is tough too but in a different way now ;)  He falls and gets right back up, he runs into walls and keeps on going and will fight you to get whatever it is he wants.  I love that he doesn't ever give up and is so passionate about everything he does.

I'm glad that I only have to nurse now at night when he wakes up.  He only gets up about 2-3 times a night now.  No more up all night nursing on the hour :)  He eats and drinks all on his own now too, no more nursing all day.  It definitely got easier.  I remember when I used to dream about him taking a sippy cup when I would be up all night nursing and now that day has arrived and I have to say it is as glorious as I had imagined. I can't even explain the pride (and relief!) I get when I see him pick up his own cup and drink it all by himself.  Just think, some day he will be able to go to the bathroom and shower on his own too, ha!

I am just trying to take all this adorableness in that I can because this is such a cute phase. I can't wait until the next phase happens when he really starts talking!  What is he going to say?!?  But for now, I am super happy with everything that is going on in my life and wouldn't change a thing.  The bakery is doing great and all kinds of positive changes are happening there and best of all Lawson is finally at the stage where he is okay being left with someone else other than daddy so that mommy can actually go into the bakery by herself and focus on things for a few days out of the week.

We were beyond fortunate to have found the perfect solution for childcare!  The woman who cleans our house also happens to have a baby the same age as Lawson and I told her to bring him one day and turns out they became best buddies right off the bat.  So now 2-3 days out of the week, Lawson gets to play with his friend Daniel, while Nancy supervises and mommy goes to work for a few hours.  It is a win win for everyone involved.  Could not be happier with the situation and am beyond thrilled that it is working out so well.

Still in total shock that the whole time I have been writing this, Lawson has been fast asleep at my feet.  Love that boy.  I hope to be able to update the blog a little more now that everything is getting back to normal.  Until next time, here are some recent photos of Lawson and our adventures :)

Airport Cafe for mommy's 30th birthday brunch

Lawson might be a dentist with his infatuation with toothbrushes!

or a chef with his infatuation with food lol!

San Diego Trip

Lawson's first Gyu-Kaku experience :)

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