Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lawson at 16 Months

Well, we think Lawson has entered into the world of terrible twos a little early!  He is a total wild rebel not to be reckoned with.  His new favorite word is no and it is really the only actual word that he uses anymore (besides his favorite phrase "be happy").  The funniest part is that he loves to tell himself no as his is doing something that he knows I am going to say no to, smart boy!

Lawson's new favorite things to do are to climb up onto everything, take out every possible chord/pot/pan/dvd basically any item in a cabinet that isn't child locked and string it everywhere around the house and throw fits when he doesn't get what he wants or is told no (see photos below!).  

The bakery has been at an all-time high, as far as orders go and it has been crazy trying to keep up with both Lawson and the bakery, but we are managing to do both and luckily I have a great team of people around me to help make everything work out :)  

Lawson has learned where his belly button is and continues to understand more and more of what we are saying.  He now follows orders (if he so pleases) and will put his diaper in the trash by himself, take his dirty laundry and put it in the hamper and even close the refrigerator door for me at times.  It is pretty crazy and funny to see him learn how to do these simple mundane tasks.

Overall, all is good, just a bit stressful at the moment and I am looking forward to things getting a little easier soon!

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