Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nespresso Citiz - The Best Espresso Machine EVER

After traveling many a time around Europe and enjoying countless authentic cappuccinos, coming back to an american cup o' joe was extremely depressing.  So, I knew the first thing I wanted to put on our wedding registry was a legit espresso machine.  Well, after MUCH research I finally decided on the Nespresso Citiz and boy am I glad that I did because every morning I wake up with excitement to go downstairs and make myself a delicious skinny vanilla latte that Starbuck's couldn't even come close to achieving!

I have to say the one thing I missed most the first week of my recovery was my morning latte from my beloved Nespresso Citiz espresso machine with the frother attachment. Today was my first latte in over a week and it just reminded me of how amazing this machine is and how I NEEDED to share this with y'all.  Hopefully it will help any of you looking into purchasing an espresso machine.

Things I love about this machine:
- the crema on top of the espresso shot is divine!
- they come in capsule form of different strengths and flavors of FRESH espresso grinds
- the milk frother attachment (an absolute must!) quickly creates pure whipped goodness
- it is compact and aesthetically pleasing
- the price is way lower than the larger machines without sacrificing taste
- there is no grinder that can break like most of the other larger machines

* the ONLY con is that you have to buy the capsules, BUT you saved a ton on the machine itself and they are a lot less than a Starbuck's latte at only .60/capsule that are way worth every cent!!!  Plus you can just buy them in bulk online at and they ship within 2 days :)


the two creamers to put in your frother (half and half of each - no pun intended)

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