Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BABY Bullet, what?!?!

Yes, that is right, they have now come out with a "Baby" Bullet!  We all know the original Bullet that was so popular a couple years ago (which IS great for making smoothies in the summer), well this is the same company except instead of adult smoothies, it is made to make your own natural baby's food.

Although I don't have a baby, YET... I do have a couple of y'all who are already mamas (healthy mamas, might I add) and just wanted to share this super awesome product with you.  And you better believe that when I become a mama, I will be buying this special deal and cooking up some mean all-natural, preservative -free baby food.  I have this theory that if I start my child on gourmet baby food, then he or she will have distinguished taste buds and be willing to eat anything... NO picky eaters in this family, just adventurous eaters, please :-)

What I love about this product is that you can:
1) Save money by making your own baby food (who doesn't love more cashola???)
2) Feed your children all natural food, free of preservatives (who doesn't want a healthier baby???)
3) You get the baby bullet, the original bullet and the steamer for $99 plus S&H (it will pay for itself!)

You can buy the deal here:

* I have no idea if this is a total scam (it is one of those cheezy TV products), but I think it is fair to add that they do sell them at Target now which adds to its legitimacy.

Also, if you are going to be having a baby next year and you are one of my close friends (you know who you are) DON'T get one of these because it might be the best baby shower gift ever!  BUT, If anyone gets one of these or already has one, please share your thoughts...


  1. i wanna make my own baby food when that time comes too! i believe c+b sells a baby food maker too, or you can just use a regular food processor!

  2. That is one thing I noticed when Alex was here with our 2 year old granddaughter. Alex made sure that every bit of food Allegra ate was nutritional with the least amount of fillers, non-processed and low or no sugar (No cereal ya'll). So, when I fixed french toast, he let her have it, but no syrup. He preferred fruit smoothies or fruit for snacks. Kept the pastas down, and protein, vegees, and fruits up. He even limited the old mac'n'cheese-- a staple for my kids. It was an eye opener for me!

  3. Definitely! I just like this one because it comes with all the cute baby jars and the bullet is so much more compact, but you can totally do the same thing in a food processor and then just buy some mini masons or reuse other baby food jars.