Monday, March 5, 2012

Updating Fixtures!

This was quite the weekend project, I think my arms are still shaking from holding these babies up while Prescott did all the wiring.  But man, was it worth it!  As you can tell, it was very tiring for Chauncey, watching all this work being done in his presence, tough life for a cat.

Okay, so we had this dinky little chandelier downstairs that just wasn't doing it for me.  Rule number one in design is that everything has to be to scale.  Meaning, we have a large downstairs open-concept room with higher ceilings and a nice over-sized industrial styled fan adjacent to the chandelier, therefore the chandelier needs to be appropriately scaled to match the fan and room sizes.  Hence the gorgeous large Pottery Barn Candelabra Chandelier, that I got 15% off, oh yeah!

Now, because we are a green household and resourceful (or cheap, whatever you want to categorize it as) we reused our original downstairs chandelier in our loft (still a work in progress!)  This makes much more sense because our loft is a significantly smaller space, so the smaller chandelier worked perfectly for it and gave the room a nice charming feel, see below :)

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