Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This week's DUMP salad

I don't know about y'all but I am not a huge salad fan, not that I don't like them... I just think lettuce can be awfully boring and find myself eating all the toppings first and then having a pile of bland lettuce left over on my plate (which my husband ends up eating for me).  So, I like to make lettuceless flavorful salads with all the same health benefits, but just no waste of poor, sad, lonely left over lettuce.  This one in particular was FULL of flavor, I mean bursting!  It is super fresh and just perfect for the warmer weather we have been having lately.  Don't leave any of these ingredients out, they each play a role in this edible fiesta bowl and it happens to naturally be vegan, too ;)  Girls, MAKE THIS NOW!!!

Ingredients you will need

DUMP diced roma tomatoes into bowl

DUMP diced avocado into bowl (make sure the avocado is ripe, the outside skin should be soft to the touch)

DUMP reduced sodium (drained) corn into bowl.
Generously salt and pepper to taste. 
(this is rule number one as a chef, season as you go, always S&P!)
Toss so that all three ingredients get seasoned.

Dice onion and DUMP into bowl

Dice fresh mango and pineapple and DUMP into bowl

Open can of kidney beans (you could also use black and/or pinto beans!) drain and DUMP into bowl.
Tear your cilantro and toss in. 

Pour a teaspoon (or two!) of sugar on top and drench in fresh lime juice of 1-2 limes and a cup or so of orange mango juice to fully marinade and act as a dressing.

This salad is incredibly versatile... if you have any leftover, it can serve as a great appetizer shooter or even an awesome chip dip.


  1. OMG! This is so funny because I was thinking a mexi version of the italian one could be so yummy! And also I'm not a fan of lettucey salads either. Tastes like you're eating nothing! I love thse dump salads! Such a smart solution to a quick, easy no cook lunch that is still satisfying! :)

  2. How cute is this salad as a little shooter!? I'm in love. These types of salads are my favorite to make! I'll make them for lunch, or even with dinner. With the leftovers, sometimes I'll throw in shredded chicken or fish or steak- whatever we have leftover of!