Thursday, March 29, 2012

Honey Marinated Mini Fruit Pizzas with Flaxseed!

These little divine circles of goodness were hands down one of my favorite after diner refreshing desserts.  I hadn't had a dessert pizza in years, well since my childhood really.  My brother and I used to make the big ones with my dad as kids, where we would spread cookie dough on a large round pizza tray and then after we baked and decorated it with the lusciously light topping and fresh sliced fruit, dad would cut us "pizza" slices from it.

This one is a unique idea that lets you get your own mini sized pizza to yourself and boy am I glad that I did because I only made two and Prescott and I both licked the plates clean.  Funniest part about all of this is that the secret ingredient (flax seed!) was Prescott's idea?!?  I love that man :)  Make these this summer with your kids, if you have them, or your friend's kids (this is my plan) and it will be such a fun and delicious memory!  Did any of y'all make these when you were younger???  If so, what were your favorite toppings?

take store bought sugar cookie dough of your choice or make it out of Trader Joe's Sugar Cookie Box Mix and add in 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed meal (even Wal-Mart has this in the baking isle)

I made homemade sugar cookie dough (secret recipe, sorry!) and then added 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed meal to it

make small disc sized shapes using a circular cookie cutter or biscuit cutter and lay on a baking sheet.
you can make them whatever size you want, ours were about the width of an orange.

Bake accordingly.

Meanwhile cut up any type of fruits you might want, drizzle them in honey and pop in the fridge to stay cool and fresh (we cut extra to snack off for the week) 
I recommend strawberry, banana, kiwi and blueberries.

In a separate bowl stir together 8 oz. softened reduced fat cream cheese with 1 cup of powdered sugar until creamy and then fold in 8 oz. Cool Whip Lite, adding 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract and about 6 grates of lemon zest, to taste.

Spread your creamy mixture on top of the COOLED cookie 
(you can always pop the cookies in the freezer a couple minutes after they come out to speed up the process)

add your honey marinated cold fruit and devour!

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